Golf and GTI Named Car and Driver Ten Best

Car and Driver named the Volkswagen Golf and GTI to the 2012 Ten Best List.  Here is what C and D says about the Golf and GTI…

“To you, Golf, we’d like to give thanks for your unwillingness to associate affordable with boring, for sporty steering feel, for an odd number of cylinders that thrum, and for diesel engines that hum. We celebrate your expensive and refined demeanor, your taut structure, your rich and comfortable interior, and your gift for carrying large pieces of furniture back from megastores.”

“And then there’s the GTI. You might be a Golf in a muscle T, but you pull it off. Actually, you look better than any two-box shape has any right to. Highly adaptable, you entertain people who love driving and convert those who don’t. You might start your day as a fuel-sipping kid hauler, but you become a turbocharged hellion on the way home. You take punishment without ever dishing it out. You are the car that every hatchback would like to be when it grows up. You are a 10Best winner. Cheers.”

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